Capri elopement

Elopement photographer in Capri

I’m a Capri elopement photographer and I love to capture beautiful elopements here. Capri is one of the most beautiful islands of the Mediterranean sea, an amazing place kissed by the beauty of nature, full of history and charme, it’s impossible not to fall in love with that island!

As a photographer I have the privilege to know the island of Capri and to live it in the most authentic way, appreciating both the natural and wild aspects and the glamorous ones. In fact Capri is special even because of its two inner natures: it is an amazing island on the naturalistic side and at the same time it has a very lively social life, in the most classy Dolce Vita Italian lifestyle.

Being an elopement photographer in Capri means to me to live the island in its full beauty. I love to capture elopements in Capri because of all the occasions to take unique photos with the most beautiful sunset or a great scenario.

Capri photographer, elopement ceremony suggestions

In Capri and Anacapri you can choose among several churches for a Catholic celebration, but for every logistic aspect my advice is to refer to a wedding planner or someone that can help  you right on location.

For civil ceremony you can go to the town hall or even better to some very beautiful locations in Capri and Anacapri:

  • Gardens of Augustus
  • La Migliera
  • Villa Damecuta
  • Cetrella
  • Villa Lysis
  • Certosa di San Giacomo
  • The Lighthouse (Il Faro)
  • Belvedere Punta Cannone
  • Belvedere Tragara
  • Villa San Michele
  • The Solaro Mount

For a symbolic ceremony Capri offers several wonderful choices, and my advice as wedding photographer in Capri, is to consider the beautiful wedding venues and locations on the following list.

Some of the best Capri locations and venues for elopements

  • Capri Palace Hotel

  • Villa Lysis

  • Il Riccio Beach Club

  • JK Place Capri

  • Hotel Caesar Augustus

  • Lido del Faro